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upper limb rehabilitation

MOTORE, a robotic device for the rehabilitation of the upper limbs, indicated in the recovery of the arm after a stroke and for post-traumatic and cognitive functional recovery. MOTORE was created by Humanware in collaboration with the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa.

The name MOTORE stands for “Mobile robot for upper limb neurOrtho Rehabilitation” and is a battery-powered, portable and mobile haptic device on wheels, characterised by the absence of links. It is designed to revolutionise the various types of rehabilitation exercises, providing an interactive experience to the patient, involving him/her with recreational tools and measuring the person’s progress and performance.

It is equipped with motors that allow it to actively assisting movement to obtain the best rehabilitation: the system supports, helps or opposes movement according to patients’ needs. The type of exercise can, in fact, be chosen based on the real needs of the individual, creating an authentic made-to-measure neurological and motor rehabilitation programme.

MOTORE is also a tool for the functional assessment of the upper limbs, available to clinicians, physiotherapists and rehabilitation centres in general, which also provides the opportunity to accompany and follow multiple patients at the same time, collecting data which can then be analysed.

Humanware has developed MOTORE whilst viewing human rehabilitation as a process of active variation, with the aim of recovering the skills required for the individual and social dimension. For us, the definition of the verb “to rehabilitate” means first of all to be able to recreate the correct interactions between individuals and the context, gradually achieving greater independence. MOTORE is a device which can help to give people the opportunity to relate to the world once again in terms of exploration, relationship, experiences and knowledge.


  • Post-stroke rehabilitation

  • Post-traumatic rehabilitation

  • Telemedicine applications

  • Cognitive recovery

System characteristics

  • Portable, autonomous, haptic, wireless, battery-powered robot
  • Supplied with electrically elevating table and dedicated PC, batteries, battery charger, ergonomic hand-pieces
  • Active system with adaptive behaviour: it helps, supports or opposes the patient’s movement
  • Able to manage and alleviate spasticity
  • Easy to use and safe
  • Proprietary software with rehabilitation games, assessment exercises and results analysis
  • Quantitative functional evaluation
  • Numerous clinical assessment scales
  • Suitable for telerehabilitation applications
  • Interface and database shared with other Humanware devices

Technical Specification

Force Sensitivity
< 0,5 N

Exerted Force
max 50 N

1200 x 800 mm

Position Accuracy
0,4 mm

Battery Life
6h (2 battery supplied with the device)


Brochure MOTORE
Brochure MOTORE

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