What they say about us:
the comments of the clinicians who have chosen us

“The continuous improvement and addition of new rehabilitation scenarios provides us with an increasingly powerful and refined tool that is more and more appreciated by patients”

“At the end of each exercise performed by a patient, MOTORE shows the results of the exercise, so that the therapist receives useful information to monitor the patient’s recovery path”

“The ease of use and the amount of data collected and processed make it a truly versatile tool, suitable for both clinical practice and scientific research”

“Finally robotics is truly at the service of the patient, also thanks to stimulating and pretty graphics which facilitates the patients’ interaction with the device to the advantage of their recovery path”

“Thanks to MOTORE and ULTRA, finally systems which are simple to use and make robotic therapy easy to administer to patients”

“This new and more empathic robotics is finally meeting with the favor of therapists, who now have an effective tool for speeding up the patient’s recovery path. We purchased one out of curiosity after trying it at a conference: now our therapists and our patients are enthusiastic about it”

“MOTORE allowed us to work with neuropsychologists and speech therapists for the rehabilitation of higher cortical functions of our patients. MOTORE has an immediacy and the result are so easy to interpret that the patients can see their progress even during the sessions”